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UHD HDMI Matrix 4x2 Splitter Switch Support 4Kx2K ARC/CEC/Toslink /Headphone

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Product details

UHD HDMI Matrix 4x2 Splitter Switch Support 4Kx2K ARC/CEC/Toslink /Headphone

Model No: 4KDK402

INTRODUCTIONUHD HDMI Matrix 4x2 Splitter Switch Support 4Kx2K ARC/CEC/Toslink /Headphone

The HDMI 4X2 Matrix can connect four HD Source with two HD Display,which can also do extra audio output by the SPDIF port or Headphone port.It can switch or distribute the four HD Source to the two HD Display easily. The matrix also can support ARC function,which can upstream the TV audio to the amplifier.

FEATUREUHD HDMI Matrix 4x2 Splitter Switch Support 4Kx2K ARC/CEC/Toslink /Headphone

1.Four HDMI input support only HDMI single mode input.

2.The output A support extra audio output by SPDIF port and 3.5mm Headphone port.

3.HDMI to achieve the synchronization of audio signal separation.There are ADV/2.0CH/5.1CH three kinds of audio mode options

4.Support Full-HD 1080P, Full 3D

5.Support 4k*2k resolution

6.Support deep color 30bit,36bit,48bit

7.Support Blue-Ray 24/50/60fs/HD-DVD/ xv YCC

8.Digital audio format, as DTS-HD / Dolby-true HD/LPCM7.1 / DTS / Dolby-AC3  /DSD

9.Support signal retiming

10.Support input up to 15 meters AWG24 HDMI standard cable length,output up to 

25 meters AWG24 cable length

11.Inputs can be switched with the IR remote control, also can be controlled by 

two switch buttons

12.The SPDIF a output  can be chose by pressing the switch key or the remote

13.It can come back to the default the input 1 status when restarted or reset

14.Led status Light allow the user to know the working status easily

15.No loss of quality

16.Installs in minutes

17.Need DC5V power supply

SPECIFICATION: UHD HDMI Matrix 4x2 Splitter Switch Support 4Kx2K ARC/CEC/Toslink /Headphone                                          

HDMI STANDARD………………………  HDMI support 4K*2K input and 3D

HDMI resolution …………24/50/60fs/1080p/1080i/720p/576p/576i/480p/480i

Support video color format ………………24bit/deep color 30bit,36bit, 48bit

Support audio format HD/Dolby-true HD / LPCM7.1 / DTS / Dolby-AC3 / DSD

Audio output…………………………………………DIF and 3.5mm Stereo 

Max transmission bandwidth……340MHz    

Max baud rate…….10.2Gbps

Input/Output TMDS signal ……………………………………0.5~1.5Volts p-p

Input/Output DDC signal …………………………………………5Volts p-p (TTL)

Input cable distance..… …………………≤15m AWG24 HDMI standard cable

Output cable distance……………………≤25m AWG24 HDMI standard cable

Max working current……………………………………………………1300mA

Power adapter format......Input:AC(50HZ,60HZ)100V-240V;Output;.DC5V/2A

Operating Temperature range………………………………… (-15 to +55℃)

Operating Humidity range......................5 to 90%RH (No Condensation)

The accessories with the machines as list: UHD HDMI Matrix 4x2 Splitter Switch Support 4Kx2K ARC/CEC/Toslink /Headphone




1.4v HDMI Matrix 4x2

1 pc

Support 1080p 3D 4kx2k

Remote Control

1 pc

Remote switch

DC5V power adapter

1 pc


User Manual

1 pc


Packing: color box ; 20pcs/ctn; CTN Size: 59.5x28x33.5cm; GW. about 15kgs

Physical Connection Showing Picture:UHD HDMI Matrix 4x2 Splitter Switch Support 4Kx2K ARC/CEC/Toslink /Headphone

Figure 1.0 Front Panel Showing Picture

ON/OFF: Power Switch

POWER: Power Led Status Light

A: HDMI A Output Led Status Light 

A(1-4): 1-4 input led status light when output from A

IR:  IR Receiver

B: HDMI B Output led status light

B(1-4): 1-4 Input led status light when output from B

ARC: ARC Led status Light 

SPDIF: SPDIF Port Led status Light

2CH: 2CH Audio Led Status Light 

5.1CH: 5CH Audio Led Status Light 

ADV: Advance Audio Led Status Light

A key: HDMI A output switch button

B key: HDMI B output switch button

ARC:  ARC Function On/Off  Key(only the HDMI output A port supports ARC function).

SPDIF/ : SPDIF and headphone audio ON/OFF switch.

Audio:  Switch button for Audio output mode, it can choose 5.1CH,2.0CH,ADV[Advance Audio] three kinds of audio output mode by circulate switching[When switch to 5.1CH audio mode output, the Digital audio signal receiving terminal must can support DTS/DOLBY-AC3 decode,or the input D audio signal receiving terminal will have no sound output; If need the audio signal receiving terminal can output the audio,pls switch to 2CH audio mode.When audio output switch to the ADV(Advance Audio) mode,the audio output format will be decided by the audio signal receiving machine audio decode ability.The splitter will output 7.1 channel audio signal while the output end connects the av amplifier with HDMI port that support 7.1 channel audio decode.(the HD Source signal itself is 7.1 channel)

Figure 1.1 rear panel showing picture

DC5V: 5V DC-DC Power Interface

HDMI IN1-HDMI IN 4: HDMI input interface 

OUT-B: HDMI B output interface 

OET-A:HDMI A output interface

SPDIF:SPDIF optical output interface: 3.5mm audio signal output

Operating and Connecting:UHD HDMI Matrix 4x2 Splitter Switch Support 4Kx2K ARC/CEC/Toslink /Headphone

1.To use the HDMI cable to connect the HDMI output port of the HD Source with The HDMI input port of the matrix. Connect one cable from each HDMI source devices  into HDMI Matrix inputs.

2.Connect one cable from each display nto the HDMI Matrix outputs.

3.Connect audio output SPDIF or 3.5mm Headphone with stereo Equipment.

4.Use the RMT-IR remote control port to remotely switch between sources.

5.Connect 5V power supply to the HDMI 4X2 HIFI Matrix.

IR Remote Operating Instruction UHD HDMI Matrix 4x2 Splitter Switch Support 4Kx2K ARC/CEC/Toslink /Headphone

1.Firstly take off the plastic film that inserted in the rear of remote board

2.The A and B signifies the HDMI A output and B output.

3.If the Signal output from A,only press the number key above A line,the signal 2 will output from A

4.ARC:ARC Function On/Off Key(only the HDMI output A port supports ARC function).

5.SPDIF/ :SPDIF and headphone audio ON/OFF switch 

6.2CH: 2 channel stereo mode  

7.5.1CH:5.1 channel mode 

8.ADV:Advance Audio mode

9.The plastic film is strongly advised to insert the rear of the remote board when the remote is not used for long time.

NotesUHD HDMI Matrix 4x2 Splitter Switch Support 4Kx2K ARC/CEC/Toslink /Headphone

Please use the machine as the instruction listed to keep the long use lifetime of machine.

1.The machine should be placed at the spot far from the Damp, High-Temperature,    Dusty,Erosive, and oxidative environment.

2.All parts will be free from the strong shake,hit,fall.

3.Touching the power adapter with the wet hands is prohibited.

4.Pls hold the power adapter head and do not pull its cord when cut off from the socket.

5.Pls turn the power off when the machine is not used for long time .

6.Pls do not open the cover and do not touch the inside parts.

7.Pls use the original factory power adapter.

Before power on, pls check the connection line carefully.And make sure that all interfaces are normally connected. The common trouble shooting way shows below:

Serial NO

Trouble Description

Cause and ways to deal with



  1. Check if the power adapter head is truly and correctly inserted the power socket.

  2. Check the power switch if it is in on status


No picture

  1. Pls to make sure that the TV is on and has been connected with the machine.

  2. To check if the signal source is on and well connected

  3. Check the system connection quality

  4. Check if the line is all good quality.

  5. Check the cable quality


Obscure picture

  1. To try again to connect the cable to be free from the unsuccessful connection.

  2. HDMI cable quality



  1. Pls check if the film that stops the current has been taken out

  2. To check if the remote battery is working full

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